Monday, August 13, 2012

Fashion Deja Vu: 8 Ways to Style a Chambray Shirt

One of the downsides to being 14 is that you're broke. As in penny-pinching, coupon-clipping, can't-even-afford-a-BigMac broke. So broke I have to shop the sales. At Forever 21. But the advantage of having a small closet is that it challenges you to mix up your clothes in new ways. There's little creativity in alternating between 30 days' worth of pre-matched outfits; having only 5-6 items that are suitable for cold weather makes you find new ways to wear the same old sweater. So I created this series, Fashion Deja Vu, in which I show you several different ways to wear the same item, not even including the variety jewelry and accessories can add. See how I did it after the jump.

First off is the shirt. This particular chambray button-up is from The Children's Place. But the best thing about it was that it was actually free; I "borrowed" it from my little brother, who got it for a Doctor Who costume. That's right: I'm wearing a shirt that's meant for an 8-year-old boy's Halloween costume. Talk about scrappy fashion.

Anyway, I think it actually fits pretty well besides the obvious age, gender, and usage differences. The sleeves are a little short, but I like to roll those up anyway.
Shorts: Hand-me-downs from Nordstroms // Belt: American Eagle //
Bracelets: American Eagle

Look Un
For this look I just added a leather belt and tucked the shirt in. Nothing groundbreaking.
Tank top: Some random surf shop

Look Deux
For a versatile look, layer a tanktop under and leave the shirt unbottoned.
Sweater: Aerie (the outlet)
 Look Trois
For a preppy flair, layer a sweater over the chambray shirt. Roll up the sleeves and try not to overheat.

Thermal: American Eagle (yes, again)
 Look Quatre
This at first glance this looks just like the first outfit, but take another look. Layering a thermal under the shirt allows for a little peekaboo of color.
Skirt: O'neille (outlet)
 Look Cinq
Tie the shirt, where whatever you want on the bottom. Easy, simple, chic.
Dress: Urban Outfitters

Look Six
Unbottoned shirt + dress + belt = instant casual outfit. I decided to be trendy and wore the belt backwards

Fun Fact: this was my eight grade graduation dress, but I thought it was worth recycling.
Look Sept
 This is by far my favorite look. Tie the shirt at the dress's waist for a defined waistline and the illusion of wearing a skirt.

Look Huit
For this look I wore the shirt as a dress. Leggings are a must unless you enjoy scarring young children for life, in which case get your saggy, granny-pantied butt off the street.

What do you think? Do you like remixing your basics? Comment below!


  1. Hey Lana! Thanks for your comment on my blog - that was very nice of you. I've seen a lot of start-up blogs that have eventually fizzled out, so I hope you'll keep on blogging for many years to come. It's a great way to have something that is entirely yours. :)

    As for this post, wow, we think alike! I have a top almost exactly like this that I borrowed from my dad. I usually wear it like look 2, 6, 7, 8. Am definitely intending to wear it like look 3 once the weather gets colder.

    1. And oh, I'm older but still insanely broke haha, so yes, I'm always looking for ways to mix and match!

  2. wow, that's gorg!!

    You are doing such an amazing job here on the blog, maybe we could follow each other?

  3. Great remixes!

    xo Jennifer

  4. I still haven't found the perfect chambray... so behind on the times!

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  6. great post!

  7. Wow!This is absolutely amazing honey!Everything!;)

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  9. So many great options! What you said about having no shopping money making you more creative in your own wardrobe is totally true though, sometimes I think the outfits I like the best are the ones when I rediscover pieces in the back of my closet : )

  10. I love all the ideas you have posted! btw lover your blog : )

    xoxo aley

  11. wow love all the ways! such a great idea, thanks for sharing :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  12. These are pretty awesome remixes although I actually don't own a chambray shirt. I don't own a lot of basics though, so my statement pieces usually act as a basics which I don't mind. I think my favorite look would have to be it layered underneath the sweater (#2).

  13. you're the same age as me so it's great to see these ideas! I love the looks!