Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Tie Dye Shorts

I love shorts. I have always been that psycho child that wears shorts to Christmas parties and on her trips to Canada. I love all shorts, the shorter the better. Jersey, spandex or denim, bleached, acid-wash or floral print, I love them all.. So the newest product of my shorts fetish is these beauties: High-waisted tie dye shorts. See how I made them after the jump.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Homemade Pizzookie and The Story of My Week

Ghirradelli ice cream sundaes; Disney's California Adventure at night';
My homemade Pizzookie; and Naan with tikka masasla sauce from a local Indian restaurant

This week was a mix of highs and lows: the super-stressful of redoing my room (giant amoeba-shaped paint spill included) today contrasting the calm serenity from reading and finishing 1984 (incredible read by the way) and my dad finally turning on the beloved air conditioning. But through all the ups and downs one thing remains constant: my love of food. Specifically, chocolate chip cookies. Bad day? Bake a few. Really bad day? Just eat the dough with a spoon. Sit in Modge Podge while wearing your favorite white shorts and spill a half gallon of paint on your carpet? Shove three cookies' worth of dough into a ramekin and top with ice cream and the food of angels: whipped cream. Point is, I made a Pizzookie, and you can see how I did it after the jump. Other point is that cookies solve all of life's problems.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fashion Deja Vu: 8 Ways to Style a Chambray Shirt

One of the downsides to being 14 is that you're broke. As in penny-pinching, coupon-clipping, can't-even-afford-a-BigMac broke. So broke I have to shop the sales. At Forever 21. But the advantage of having a small closet is that it challenges you to mix up your clothes in new ways. There's little creativity in alternating between 30 days' worth of pre-matched outfits; having only 5-6 items that are suitable for cold weather makes you find new ways to wear the same old sweater. So I created this series, Fashion Deja Vu, in which I show you several different ways to wear the same item, not even including the variety jewelry and accessories can add. See how I did it after the jump.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Custom School (or Office) Supplies: DIY Bird Agenda

Yesterday I bought my new school supplies. While most kids my age want to throw a chair at their television every time a commercial even mentions back to school shopping, I kind of enjoy it. There's something about the crisp, untouched notebooks and perfectly sharpened pencils that inspire me to actually use folders this year instead of the bottom of my backpack, and to write in an agenda instead of the back of my hand. But more important than this new sense of hope is that the folders, notebooks, and agendas are the perfect fodder for my craft and Modge Podge addictons. So I decided to start this series about how you too can ready your school (or office) supplies. After this post from Blue Cricket Design I have been obsessed with anything bird, so I decided to create this agenda. The full how-to is after the jump.