Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Tie Dye Shorts

I love shorts. I have always been that psycho child that wears shorts to Christmas parties and on her trips to Canada. I love all shorts, the shorter the better. Jersey, spandex or denim, bleached, acid-wash or floral print, I love them all.. So the newest product of my shorts fetish is these beauties: High-waisted tie dye shorts. See how I made them after the jump.

Part un: the jeans

These started out as debatably The Ugliest Jeans Ever. Scrounged from the local Good Will, they were stretchy bell bottoms 3 inches too short that came up to my belly button. Despite their hideousness they were perfect for the project.

Part deux: the shorts

To get a good cut for my shorts, I laid a well-fitting pair of shorts on top of the jeans as a reference.

Use a ruler to draw a line parallel to the shorts.

Measure the line's distance from the inseam..
Then repeat on the other side.
 Now just cut the lines....
Voila! Stage one is completed!

Part trois: the dye

 Scrunch the shorts up into a little ball...
 And tie them off with rubber bands.
 Place them in some kind of bowl or bucket that can handle bleach.
 Fill the bowl with water  to come halfway up the shorts...
 and pour in the bleach to cover.
 My shorts kept floating to the surface, so I used a drinking glass to hold them down.
 Let the shorts soak for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with cool water and vinegar (to stop the bleaching process.) Put the shorts into the washer then dryer.

 I wasn't happy with my shorts' length after they dried, so I decided to cut them a little more.

Et Voila! There you have it, my wonderful homemade tie dye shorts!


  1. Love the result of the shorts!!! :D
    Andrea in Fashion

  2. Those came out really wonderfully!

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